Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dear Diary... study, me time

Hello everybody!
I was just practising yoga when I got the idea, I could come up with a new post.
My yoga journey has already gone a lot of miles in my opinion but there were breaks. The last one took more than 2 months. And when my mind started falling apart again I told myself I should get more "me time" and the first I thought of was yoga. Then I realized, well I tell myself quite often that "I'm gonna have a minute for me", "I'll have a cup of hot tea and read to unwind little bit" and many more... Unfortunately, mostly it does not happen.
I don't think I'm any special kind of hard worker, I do work hard but I do procrastinate sometimes too. So, how is it that there's no time for "me time"?
Today morning I sat down and took my weekly schedule. It didn't seem full, just stuffed with a lot of studying. And so I told myself, I've got a lot of time to do things that make me relax. Well, I wrote my today's to-do list and then scheduled it into the weekly planner. Great there is still room for things I wanna do. But while I was writing down the to-do's I was like, I should do the ironing, and hey that's something I enjoy doing so let's count it as a relaxing activity. When in fact, it's not something that relaxes my mind, it's just a thing I enjoy doing.
The only two activities which are on my plan and which will help me calm down are yoga (in the morning) and meditation (in the evening).
Okay, I think it's a good start. :)

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Falling Leaves and Autumn Breeze TAG ♥

Hello Lavenders♥

Here I am again with the most exciting post I've done. I was really enjoying doing this awesome tag which I found on Tumblr! (The original link is here) ♥

Autumn is my favourite season of the year. The weather is not too hot and not too cold, just perfect. Other than that I love wearing sweaters and I love hot chocolate in the evening. And nature... Leaves, rain, sun.

Well, first question - What time of year do you begin Autumn?
My very first "autumn spirit" is at the beginning of September. it's not that early, is it?

Question no. 2 - What is your favourite thing to wear on chilly Autumn days?
It's definitely a pair of leggings and some t-shirt with a comfy sweater on it♥
Nothing better exists.

3 - What is your favourite Fall beverage to keep you warm?️ 
It's hot chocolate! But only on Sunday evening because other days I'm too busy or too lazy, tired. I meant tired. Other than that I love tea♥

4 - What is your favourite Fall memory from your childhood?

5 - What is your favourite activity to do during Autumn?
The walks.
It does need no more to say. Autumn walks are everything. ♥

6 - What's been your favourite Halloween costume you've ever worn?
We don't celebrate Halloween here, sadly. But my very first was a zombie. Tons of make up but no special clothes. I made the costume for myself and I was the only was who saw it. Because - as I said, Halloween is not celebrated here - but I loved the idea and I wanted to try it.
Last year I was at Halloween party which my friends were making and I was pretty excited♥ I was a mermaid.

7 - Which one do you prefer: huge leaf piles or bonfires?
I love going out in the autumn and my passion is the leaf piles so...

8 - What is your favourite Halloween movie?
I don't know if it's "Halloween movie" but Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas. Plus- I'm planning to watch "Hocus Pocus". So excited, :)

9 - Do you carve pumpkins? If so, do you roast the seeds from the pumpkin?
I already mentioned Halloween is not celebrated here, but nowadays some people do carve pumpkins but not my family :/ This year I'm planning to get at least small pumpkin and try to carve it as well!
So no, no seeds roasted.

10 - What are you looking forward to the most this Autumn?
This one is easy. I threw away most of the sweaters I had - just because I did not wear them. So this autumn I'm planning to find a perfect sweater for me and that's what I'm looking forward the most.

And the last question This one is taken from another Autumn tag (here) but I really loved this question so I had to add it. - Candles. What scents will you be burning this year? 
First was Lavender - which is already burnt. RIP
Yankee Candles - Black Coconut ♥ Again, burnt. But it smelled like HEAVEN ♥ I can only recommend this one!
So the scent being burnt now is Strawberry.
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Sunday, September 3, 2017

August Lovenders ♥

August has passed even faster than July and here we are, September, an early autumn, my favourite time.
- me

Well, it was supposed to be a normal opening of a new post but it turned out to be a tiny poem by me. Okay, I call it a poem.
Anyway, it's time for lovenders. I haven't done one last month (for July) as I wasn't really able to do that (let's say I was too busy and not in the right mood for blogging) but today I have an overview of things I've been loving for past month. Maybe there will be something from July too, but it's not really a problem as I didn't do one at the end of July.
Let's get into it :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Checklists | Organize

Hello after long, long time!
I started working, big news. I'm really happy and so grateful for the job because I got to do something I enjoy doing that it doesn't even feel like a work. So so grateful for that.
Connected to this I'm feeling big responsibility and that's why I thought of some kind of control that I can do on my own (as I'm alone in there) to not f*ck up anything. And I came up with a checklist.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

New bullet journal set up ♥ Minimalist

Hello, beautiful lavenders :) today I'm back with bullet journal. I wrote a post about my journals which I have posted last week! And since that I kinda started thinking about bullet journal, and that maybe I'd like to have one again and I didn't even wink and I got into setting up.
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